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  • Precious metal Leaf: Pure gold may be the oldest type of beaten metal using the technique dating back to the actual ancient Egyptians. The craft from the gold beater entails converting gold and silver, such as silver and gold, into very thin simply leaves. Today, modern beating is performed by device which ensures quality and product regularity. All another phases from the production procedure are done manually by Interior Designer.

    We provide gold silver leaf in a number of shades. The various shade effects are made by the actual addition with alloys within the production procedure.

  • Loose Leaf: Loose leaf generally is extremely slim leaves with gold seated between slim rouged documents. This leaf can't be handled directly since it tears very easily and sticks towards the skin. Loose leaf can be used to gild on to molded and embellished areas in which the gold is needed to sit in most the splits and crevices. Loose leaf can also be used with regard to water gilding and in glassware.

  • Transfer leaf: Transfer leaf may be the same precious metal as free leaf however it is gently pressed on to the support paper permitting easier dealing with. Transfer leaf can be used by Interior Designer for gilding on to flatter areas and places that have no raised embellishments. It's used with regard to sign function and with regard to gilding outside or upon ceilings and walls in which the loose leaf will be difficult to take care.